Personalized Wine Sippy Cup for Moms and Picnic Goers

For Happy Woman Just Add Wine

I absolutely LOVE these acrylic sippy cups for adults! I know, I know … they really aren’t sippy cups. Believe me, I KNOW — I knocked one over and spilled wine all over myself. Definitely won’t stop a spill if the drinking slot is open.

But anywho … back to the important stuff. ADULT BEVERAGES! These cups are so cute with the wine glass shape inside the thermal glass outside!

I tried to get a really good photo of the entire saying, but it wraps around the mug so much that I have to show 2 images to get it all.

For Instant Happy Woman Just Add Wine

The entire saying is, “For Instant Happy Woman, Just Add Wine”

This cup also features a glass of wine in red with a flourish from the saying over the top. These cups come in Standard & Pro Users — different cups depending on whether you plan to use it a little or a lot. Choice of color lid depending upon available supply – normally clear, smoke, red, blue, pink and green. If interested in having your own Sippy Cup you can buy one from me:

  • Standard with 2-Color Saying: $8 plus S&H
  • Standard with 2-Color Saying & Monogram or First Name: $12 plus S&H
  • Pro with 2-Color Saying: $14 plus S&H
  • Pro with 2-Color Saying & Monogram or First Name $18 plus S&H
  • Free meetup for Local Customers
  • Do not put in the microwave, dishwasher or soak in water. Do not use a harsh sponge over vinyl/glitter areas. Don’t pick at decorations. Simply sponge wash in cold water.

I can’t wait to show everyone the Punisher t-shirt I made The Hubster right around July 4th. He wanted something distressed & patriotic and I didn’t have the vinyl to do what he wanted, so you’ll have to wait and see what I decided to use instead!

You can check out The Hubster’s Punisher t-shirt here!



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