Fun Father’s Day Gifts

Father's Day Hammers

I am soooooooo excited to share my latest creations for Father’s Day. These hammers are awesome. I love the weight and feel of these full-size, 16 oz. hammers.

I have three really cute sayings already, but I also have a couple that are a bit more risque. One is, “Thanks for Nailing Mom” and “Dad, Let’s Get Hammered!” These are more for the adult “kids” to give to Dad!

Only $12 for single side and $16 double-sided which includes “Happy Father’s Day 2015, Love [child’s name]” or whatever personalization will fit on the other side.

I use professional quality permanent automotive, outdoor grade vinyl. This material is made to last 5+ years outdoors and holds up to weather including rain, sun and freezing temperatures. But please be aware that these hammers are really intended for decorative purposes only. I wouldn’t recommend that they be used for construction or building purposes even though they are “real” hammers.

I’ve actually also offered these on a couple of local Facebook groups and I’ve been very surprised and gratified at the responses I’ve received.

If you are interested in ordering one, please fill out this order form and give me your shipping address in the More Information space.

It looks like these will be a HIT as I’ve been getting HAMMERED with orders (pun intended), yeah, I crack myself up. But it was kinda funny, right?? Right?? No? OK, I’ll stop now. LOL

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