Personalized Bucket Decal Sets with Laminated Scorecards AVAILABLE again!! For YARDZEE | FARKLE | Other Outdoor Games

YARDZEE Decal Set & Laminated Scorecards

After getting over 150 orders on these decal sets in a single weekend and the horrors of trying to fill them all within a reasonable timeframe (can you say “no sleep for weeks, boys & girls?” … yup!) I have been somewhat hesitant to start selling these again. Creating more of these sets actually starred in my nightmares for months. I was buried in orders and the decals were trying to mummify me!  Eeeeeeeeeek! I still twitch when I think about those nightmares. LOL Sooo, you can see why it’s taken me awhile to get up the nerve to create another listing to sell these again.

Well, I’m ready to go again — with new and improved processes in place. YAY me! And The Hubster as my right-hand man full-time now! Double YAY me!

So if you are looking for the YARDZEE Bucket Decal sets (BUCKET AND DICE NOT INCLUDED) then click here to order.

Right now, due to the amount of time it takes to create & weed each decal, I have limited sets available and when those are gone, the listing will close down for awhile. Don’t panic! After I’ve gotten those out the door I’ll open it up for more orders.

Because I’ll probably continue to add new designs to the listing, I’m not going to itemize and show everything here on the blog — so go over to the new listing to see what’s included in the set and to see all of the decal designs (with some new ones).

If there’s a design you would be interested in seeing, please contact me over on Amazon – those emails get priority especially during the holiday.

If you are looking for the complete set that includes the bucket and dice, I’m not currently offering them. I do apologize, but with the volume of orders we are currently receiving, we literally don’t have time to make the dice and finish them to my satisfaction.

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